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Your Award Winning Tri-State Caterer

 Breakfasty/Brunchy Stuff

The Lula Continental

Hard Boiled Eggs, Cut and Perfectly Seasoned with Sea Salt & freshly cracked black pepper
Homemade Maple/Vanilla Yogurt with Fruit and Granola
Pastry or Sweetbread of the Week

Breakfast Burritos

Salmon/Spinach/Egg, served with Lula's Special Sauce
Sausage/Cheddar/Egg, with Onions, Peppers and Picante-Sour Cream
Lorraine (Bacon, Onion, Egg and Four Cheese Blend)
Roasted Veggie/Egg, served with Ranch Sauce



Blueberry Buckle
Mixed Nut Sticky Cake
Caramelized Apple French Croissant Toast
Bread Pudding
Seasonal Scones



 Egg Casserole layered with Bread, Custard & Specialty items

Leek and Pancetta
Artichoke, Goat Cheese and Tomato
Spinach, Feta and Mushroom
Sausage and Italian Veggies
Proscuitto and Scallions
Smoked Salmon, Capers, Onions and Tomato


Savory Pastries

Puff Pastry enveloping Egg & Wonderful Surprises

Smoked Salmon with Dill
Citrus Diver Scallop
Artichoke and Cream Cheese
Pancetta and Leek


The Quiche Queen

Velvety Custard with your choice of fillings

BISCUITS 'N GRAVY—with Franklin's Onion Sausage
topped with Over Easy Egg
HASHVegetarian, Smoked Trout or Sweet Potato—Prosciutto
Served as a Side Item OR Topped with and Over Easy Egg as an Entrée
CREPEY CAKES—Whole Grain, rolled and filled with your choice of
Sausage & Scrmbled Egg or Veggies & Scrambled Egg


Juices/Coffee - $1.50 per person


Call or email for pricing - it depends on what you order with your entree! Any breakfast selection comes with a fruit bowl.

$50.00 service fee per hour applies if caterer is required to stay for event and break down post event.