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Your Award Winning Tri-State Caterer

Comforting Casseroles

Yummy for your clients OR your co-workers' tummies!  Served with seasonal salad and finger dessert.  Add soup, veggie, or homemade bread for $1.00 per person each.


Beef Stroganoff - over parsleyed egg noodles
Penne Bolognese - Same as lasagna, but easier to eat!
Beef Bourgignonne - over your choice of smashed potatoes or parsleyed egg noodles
Guiness Stew
Pastitsio - Greek Lasagna


Penne Shrimp with Roasted Rosemary Sauce - with goat cheese garnish
Salmon Farfalle - with cream, spinach and tomato
Shrimp Penne Pesto
Tangy Shrimp and Rice
Tuna Noodle


Southern Pulled Pork - over rice
Ballpark Casserole - Brats & Metts with peppers, onions, potatoes & cheese (BELIEVE it!)
Tico (Costa Rican) Pulled Pork - over rice
Italian Sausage Pumpkin Penne (Yum!)


Poppyseed Chicken
Chicken Divan - with broccoli and mornay sauce
Chicken Curry
Chicken Enchilada
Chicken Penne Pesto with walnuts
Chicken Penne Gorgonzola - with spinach
Chicken Florentine


Vegetable Stir Fry
Vegetable Penne "Lasagna"
Wild Mushroom Stroganoff
Adult Mac 'n Cheese
Baked Radicchio and Mozzarella Pasta
Sweet Potato - Kale with Onion & Gonda

Try our PASTA BAR!
Your choice of Penne/Whole Wheat Penne or Farfalle served with
3 Homemade Sauces (Fresh Marinara, Pesto Alfredo and Roasted Veggie), Caesar Salad,
Homemade Herbed Foccacia and Dessert!
Add Herbed Pan Roasted Chicken and/or Sauteed Shrimp if you’d like.