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Your Award Winning Tri-State Caterer

Soulful Slurpy Soups

Broth Based Soups

Tico Bean Soup-Photo

Turkey, Wild Rice and Veggies with Madiera
French Onion
Curried Carrot
Smoked Red Lentil
The Best EVER Chicken Noodle with Veggies
Italian Sausage with Orzo
Williamsburg Pepper Pot
Roasted Veggie
Country Split Pea
Tico Bean
Texas Chili
White Bean and Masa Chicken Chili

Cream or Milk and Broth Based Soups

Creamy Celeraic and Pear Soup

Sherried Wild Mushroom Bisque
Root Vegetable Bisque with Serrano Ham
Brandied Pumpkin Bisque
Creamy Spinach/Fontina
Creamy Celeraic and Pear
Broccoli and White Cheddar
Virginia Peanut
Creamy Toasted Almond
Potato Leek with Pancetta
Cream of Four Onion
Creamy Parsnip, Potato and Tarragon
Creamy Avocado
Red Velvet (beet based)
Sweet Potato Five Spice
Cream of:  Asparagus, Broccoli, Leek, Swiss Chard, or any other vegetable you love

Spring/Summer Chilled Soups

Curried Carrot Soup-Photo

Minted Snow and Spring Pea
Zucchini Cilantro
Curried Carrot

Seafood Soups

Crab Bisque

Oyster Stew - traditional Virginia recipe: thin creamy broth
Chesapeake Blue and King Crab Bisque
Coriander Shrimp Bisque
Tarragon Lobster Bisque

Note:  Any soup can be substituted for salad, veggie or starch at no additional charge with one of our full lunches or dinners, except for the seafood selections, which will have an upcharge of $1.00/diner.